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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is qsv pro?

qsv pro is a desktop application built on the foundation of the qsv command-line toolkit. It provides a user-friendly graphical interface for efficient CSV data wrangling and transformation tasks.

How does it differ from qsv (command-line tool)?

While qsv is a command-line tool, qsv pro caters to users who prefer a visual interface. It offers predefined recipes, a drag-and-drop workflow, and additional features to simplify data wrangling.

Is there a learning curve for using qsv pro?

While advanced features may have a learning curve, qsv pro is designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface accessible to users of all technical levels.

Which operating systems does qsv pro support?

qsv pro is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows, ensuring accessibility across major operating systems.

Can I import data in formats other than CSV?

Absolutely! qsv pro supports various formats, including excel files, csv, tsv, tab, xlsx, xls, ods, xlsm, xlsb

How do I import data into qsv pro?

Importing data is a breeze – just drag and drop your spreadsheet file into the workflow section of qsv pro.

How fast is qsv pro in processing large datasets?

qsv pro leverages pleasingly parallel, CPU-accelerated processing for blazing-fast performance, making it ideal for handling very large datasets efficiently.

Is there a limit to the size of datasets qsv pro can handle efficiently?

qsv Pro is designed for scalability. While performance depends on your system, it excels in handling large datasets, making it suitable for a variety of data sizes.

Where can I provide feedback?

There is a feedback button in the top right corner of qsv pro. You may also contact us with the links in the footer.

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